There once was a girl named Donovan...     Yes. A girl.

Donovan proudly hails from New Orleans, and she won’t ever let you forget it.  Having acted since she was 7, her first performance came after a viewing of the important 1995 film Clueless. Donovan decided that she was, in fact, the hip, intelligent, popular Dionne Davenport and began to write the name on all (and I mean, all) of her school supplies. Donovan’s teachers avidly disagreed.

She received her BFA in Acting and a Minor in Writing from Ithaca College. Being a Southern gal in the Arctic tundra of upstate New York never got easier, so she dreamed of her post-grad life taking her someplace hot and tropical. Alas, the reality was just as exciting when she discovered the Philadelphia theatre scene. The NOLA transplant has worked at Walnut St Theatre, Theatre Horizon, Philadelphia Artists Collective, Delaware Shakespeare, Revolution Shakespeare, and Scranton Shakespeare, amongst others, and is thrilled to see what the future holds for her.